This is my character Ragmote "the holy," my longest running character from any D&D game. He's casting some sort of binding spell under his god Neptune's sign at an attacking werewolf. Took me long enough to upload this thing. >_<


Well known, All of my favorite characters

This is a picture I started around November 06, of all of my favorite completely original characters from all sorts of sources. In descending order left to right;

Ragmote the Holy: My Paladin that I have been playing for eight years in my Uncle's campaign. I love him, he's just so chaotic for a lawful-good.

Krrana: My character from about 2001, started in a friend's D&D campaign. She's spunky and always quick to action.

Scrap Barlows: Quite Possibly the coolest character I've ever made in a computer game, Scrap is a fisticuffs fighter in a world filled with monsters and daemons from oblivion, she's also a vampire, a VAMPIRE Argonian! Just Badass!

Kink Cowboy: A bounty hunter from a guide-game set in FF8, he likes to steal trains and use sand to bring down large machinery.

Kink: A Zora from a guide-game combination of Ocarina of time, and Dead Rising. Hilarity ensues.

Ray Anthro: My longest-running family in The Sims 2 is the Anthros, Julie and Ray and their three daughters. Ray had an unfortunate run-in with a broken dishwasher and died of electric shock, haunting his loving wife for the rest of her life.

N/A: Never given a name, this gang-banger from Saints Row was just too badass to let fall into obscurity, he had very prominent features and a wide range of expressions, and somehow fit a full-sized afro under his fedora.

Miniskara: My ninja from Soul Caliber 3's "story mode." She had a very bad disposition towards her opponents and a deadly and very large Shurikens. No that's not her real hair, it's a wig.

And of course, Mushaden: My dark mysterious and often endangered detective. His name originally came from my misspelling of Brave Fencer Musashi's main character’s name.